If you want to protect the interior of your home’s chimney stack, then it is essential to order a customized chimney cover that is designed and built by experts. The interior surfaces of chimneys are damaged easily by rough weather conditions such as snowstorms or heavy rain, but you can protect the stack’s materials with a high-quality chimney cover that prevents moisture from entering.

Prevent Wildlife Invasion and Dangerous Carbon Monoxide with a Customized Chimney Cover

When moisture enters a chimney’s stack, the water trickles into the structure, causing degradation of metal liners, stone or brick. If there is extensive damage to the interior materials of your home’s chimney shaft, then it is not safe to light a fire until the structure is repaired or replaced.

Prevent Damage to a Chimney Stack’s Interior

The process of repairing or replacing a chimney’s interior and exterior shaft is time-consuming and expensive. Contractors may need to remove drywall and wood paneling to reach the chimney stack inside your home, making it impossible to live there during the repair process. This type of home repair is an inconvenience for families as technicians must climb on a building’s rooftop and enter living rooms or bedrooms to work on the structure. To avoid all of these problems, you should invest in a chimney cover that looks beautiful and also protects its materials from rust and disintegration.

Avoid Infestations from Insects and Mammals

There are other great reasons to cover your home’s chimney, including preventing invasion by wildlife. When selecting a chimney cap design, ordering one with mesh on the sides is recommended to avoid infestations by mammals such as bats, chipmunks and squirrels. This mesh also helps to keep out birds that will build nests or bees that will build beehives. Insect and bird’s nests can block the efficient flow of smoke from a fire in a fireplace, leading to carbon monoxide gases inside a home. Nesting materials can also catch on fire from hot sparks and begin to burn, causing a fire inside the chimney’s stack.

Order a Chimney Cover from an Expert Builder

Master Caps has been a premier chimney cover builder for over 15 years, and this company makes it easy to order a customized product with detailed instructions. Ordering a customized chimney cover from Master Caps is a six-step process to ensure it fits properly and is easy to install. Customers can choose from several types of materials to create a chimney cover that complements a home’s rooftop and exterior. Here are the materials available:

Stainless steel – most affordable and provides basic chimney stack protection
Copper – provides old-fashioned charm and protection
Colored steel – offers a modern appearance with beautiful colors

All of the chimney covers ordered from Master Caps are handcrafted, certified and made of the finest materials.