As a homeowner, you might not spend a lot of time looking at your home’s rooftop, but anyone passing by can see its chimney stack. Chimney caps on fireplaces provide a vital function in addition to looking attractive, and only an expert, or someone with sufficient skill should install a chimney cap. If you want to have a home that looks as great on the outside as it does on the inside, then install a stainless steel chimney cap from Master Caps.

Stainless Steel is a Durable Material

Stainless Steel is one of the most popular materials for a chimney cap because the metal is durable, making it a long-lasting home improvement. With that being said, every chimney is different, that is why there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to chimney caps. A skilled chimney builder must design a cap that is the correct height to ensure hot embers escape from the shaft. At the same time, air must enter the shaft to help fires burn efficiently in a fireplace. In geographic zones with severe weather conditions with high winds, stainless steel chimney caps must remain in place while protecting the flue.

Things to know about Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

Designing a customized stainless steel chimney cap for your home requires our chimney cap builder to consider several factors including:

  • Length of the chimney
  • Width of the chimney
  • Height the chimney cap from the base
  • Base of the chimney cap around the opening
  • The exact location of the shaft on the rooftop
  • Proximity of other buildings
  • Types of materials a building is made of

Not just a chimney cap, but a wildlife prevention tool

The goal for our builders are to create caps that match or complement a home’s exterior décor such as its roofing shingles. Every cap made by Master Caps is crafted by hand in specialized dimensions to fit the top of a chimney. A cap on a building’s chimney is designed to keep out wildlife, including small mammals such as squirrels, raccoons and bats in addition to birds and reptiles.

Not only do stainless steel chimney caps add some flare to your home, homeowners want a stainless steel chimney cap that works correctly to prevent wildlife invasion while permitting smoke and gases to escape. In many cases a heavy-duty mesh material is a part of the cap’s openings on the sides to allow smoke to escape but prevent wildlife from entering.

What are you waiting for? Get started to on building your own custom stainless steel chimney cap in our easy to use online chimney builder tool.