Style #1 Chimney Cap

The #1 chimney cap is the best chimney cap for any masonry flue chimney and masonry crown. Masters Services has made the Style #1 Chimney Cap by riveting the base to the legs and then riveting the hardware cloth screening with back washers.

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Why the Style #1 Chimney Cap

The #1 chimney cap is the best chimney cap for any masonry flue chimney and masonry crown chimney because…

  • Prevents damaging moisture from entering the chimney flue
  • Eliminates birds and critters from entering the chimney
  • Protects the chimney crown from sun and moisture damage
  • Lifetime warranty for craftsmanship
  • Best custom chimney cap for its price on the market, guaranteed
  • Attractive appearance
  • Customizable to fit any chimney top

Style #1 Cap Application

The chimney crown must be made from mortar or stone for a terra cotta, brick lined, or castable chimney flue. The key here is the crown must seal to the flue.

Metal pipe flues do not seal to castables and mortar. The chimney with or without a chimney cap will leak if a metal flue pipe is not metal on metal.

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Chimney Cap Options for Style #1

The Style #1 chimney cap has some basic options.

Chimney Cap Installation Procedures

There are two methods of installation of a masonry crowned chimney cap.


Attach wire to the base. Drill a hole in the brick or stone (not mortar) for concrete anchor down at least two rows. Wrap wire around anchor and push it in through the hole. Hammer the anchor until anchor head is flush. Cut off remaining wire left over.


Drill hole in cap skirt to anchor size. Put chimney cap on chimney. Drill the brick or stone where hole in cap has been drilled. Input anchor from outside the chimney cap skirt to the chimney drilled hole. Hammer anchor in securing the chimney cap to the chimney.

Only recommended if chimney is solid as a rock! If not solid the wind will vibrate the anchor out, not securing the chimney cap anymore.

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