Having a chimney cap is not just to keep out critters and birds. A chimney cap should prevent moisture from entering the chimney flue to stop deterioration of the flue and even the exterior of the chimney.

Chimney caps that just fit on the flue are better than no chimney cap at all install on the chimney. A chimney flue cap only covers the flue opening at the top to stop birds and squirrels from entering the chimney, but not raccoons or rain.

Lets talk about rain. Putting a flue cover on your chimney does keep out the small critters and birds but does not stop the money factor. Whats the money factor?

Your local chimney sweep took care of your minor situation but did not solve the money factor for your chimney. Stop the chimney from causing you to spend more money on it!

Rain causes deterioration of mortar joints, rusts dampers and the lintel, and eats away at the mortar crown (top of the chimney), and loosens the exterior brick work of the chimney. If you purchase a flue cap installed by your local chimney sweep it will cost around $200 – $300 (it could be more depending on your local chimney sweep).

The flue cap did not stop the rain from entering the chimney, did not stop the damper or lintel from rusting, did nothing for the mortar crown or the exterior brick work deterioration.

The problem is not the homeowner, its the chimney sweep, the roofer, or the contractor only giving the homeowner the option of a flue cap. Why? Thats what the have n their truck, or they don’t have the supplier of a good chimney cap fabricator. Here we are!

Lets go back to the money factor. As a Certified Chimney Professional in Dallas, Texas and also have a field office servicing Houston, Texas we repair hundreds of chimneys mortar crowns and loose bricks that have a flue cap on it for average cost of an additional $500 ($300 mortar crown & $200 minor brick repair). Often we have to do a full chase tear down and rebuild the chimney only because they only had a flue cap.

Flue caps do not prevent relining the flue. Relining is costly ($1500 – $3000 average). Relining is done to a chimney flue because too much rain enters the flue and cracks start separation of the flue creating a serious fire hazard. Full coverage chimney caps do prevent too much rain from entering the chimney stopping these costly repairs.

Full coverage chimney caps solve all the chimney deterioration issues. What does a full coverage chimney cap do for your chimney? Here is a full coverage chimney cap design.

A MasterCaps chimney cap has too many advantages over a flue cap not to install on your chimney. Stop the money factor and the future deterioration.

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