Style #2 Chimney Cap

The #2 chimney cap has every advantage of #1, but can be used on any chimney (wood, stucco, stone, or brick). Standing seams are for looks only. We can make any cap out of any metal to your specifications. To keep out invaders the caps have 18 gauge hardware cloth under the lid. 

Benefits of a Style #2 Chimney Cap

The Style #2 Chimney Cap shares the same base as the Style #1 Chimney Cap. The lid is what makes this chimney cap. A hip roof lid with or without seams.

  • Keeps water from entering the chimney
  • Bird and animal protection
  • Full coverage protection from the sun and rain
  • Craftsmanship Lifetime Warranty
  • Our most popular chimney cap
  • Fits any chimney top

Metal Choices for #2 Chimney Caps

MasterCaps makes chimney caps from 24 gauge metal. Metal choices:

  • Cold roll steel then powder coated finish
  • Copper
  • Color Clad type metal
  • Galvanized
  • Galvalume
  • Paint Grip
  • Stainless Steel

Style #2 Cap Application

Same as the Style #1 Chimney Cap, masonry chimney crowns and stone castable chimney crowns.

However it can be installed over top of a chimney chase cover if the spark arrestor fits inside the lid.

Chimney Cap Options for Style #2

The Style #1 chimney cap has some basic options.

Chimney Cap Installation Procedures

There are two methods of installation of a masonry crowned chimney cap.


Attach wire to the base. Drill a hole in the brick or stone (not mortar) for concrete anchor down at least two rows. Wrap wire around anchor and push it in through the hole. Hammer the anchor until anchor head is flush. Cut off remaining wire left over.


Drill hole in cap skirt to anchor size. Put chimney cap on chimney. Drill the brick or stone where hole in cap has been drilled. Input anchor from outside the chimney cap skirt to the chimney drilled hole. Hammer anchor in securing the chimney cap to the chimney.

Only recommended if chimney is solid as a rock! If not solid the wind will vibrate the anchor out, not securing the chimney cap anymore.

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