Install a chimney cap before you need a wildlife removal. Having a chimney cap on a chimney completely prevents critters and birds from entering the chimney or then the house.

Common animals in a chimney are raccoons, squirrels, and birds. Occasionally there will be other animals that enter the chimney to include ducks, snakes, rats, bats, cats, and larger birds sometimes get in and cannot get out. The problems with wildlife entering the chimney are the feces, urine, and the nesting debris. The nesting debris can create a fire hazard from blocking the air flow. Also the animal can die and you do not even know it is in the chimney until there is  very bad dead smell or there are multiple flies in the house. Fleas can get in the house and on your pets from the critters in the chimney.

If the need for a wildlife removal from a chimney is necessary make sure a chimney cap is installed on top of the chimney. A wildlife removal expert for example is taking out squirrel from enter chimneys and then install in a Style #2. Denver has many hip style chimney caps. Denver has many prefabricated fireplaces requiring a chase cover to be installed to terminate the top of the chimney. Then a shroud can be places over the chase cover. I recommend a Style #2 or a Hayes Bell for decorative finish to the chimney. If functional is all you are needing then a Stevenson Shroud or even just a chase cover with a spark arrestor stick out will be enough for the local codes.

After a Dallas wildlife removal the Hayes style cap is often installed. We ship many Hayes Bell chimney caps to a Houston wildlife removal service made from copper because Houston has squirrels and many raccoons getting into chimneys as does Dallas. Texas has a problem with raccoons living in the suburbs using the sewers as highways to move around at night. Sleeping in chimneys and attics by being very quiet and stealthy with their coming and going.

Once you have had a dead animal in a chimney you will feel really bad for not installing a chimney cap to prevent it from dying. Now you have to either get it out of the chimney yourself or you have to spend unnecessary money to remove it. You still need to spend the money for a good chimney cap. Don’t let the extra money on a good chimney cap sway you in purchasing a cheap chimney cap. Get a cap that totally cover the entire top of the chimney preventing damaging rain from deteriorating the functionality of the fireplace. Its a one time purchase, make the right choice. Do not purchase a cheap box store flue cap that only covers the flue and still allows water to pour into the chimney.

A chimney cap will prevent a wildlife removal from chimneys and fireplaces.