Hayes Lid Chimney Cap

The Hayes chimney cap has all the water protection as the #1 & #2. Standing seams are for looks only. Finials, standing seams, and weather vanes are optional for additional fees. Lid can be made larger than base if under 16 square feet. We can make any cap out of any metal to your choice

Why the Hayes Lid Chimney Cap

The Hayes Lid has a unique look to an elegant design for upgrading you roof line.

  • Prevents damaging moisture from entering the chimney
  • Protects the chimney crown from sun and moisture damage
  • Lifetime warranty for craftsmanship
  • Best custom chimney cap for its price on the market, guaranteed
  • Attractive appearance
  • Customizable to fit any chimney top

Chimney Types for Hayes Lid Chimney Caps

What makes a Hayes Lid Chimney Cap unique is that it can be installed on any chimney stack no matter which kind of fireplace it contains.

  • Wood burning masonry chimney ✔ 
  • Prefabricated wood burning chimney ✔
  • Direct vent fireplace chimney stack ✔
  • Natural vent fireplace ✔

Hayes Lid Cap Application

Hayes Lid Caps fit on masonry chimney crowns and stone castable chimney crowns.

It can also be installed over top of a chimney chase cover if the spark arrestor fits inside the lid.

  • How We Make Chimney Caps

    For 20 years we have made each part by hand cutting the patterns and for the long cuts we used a big electric shear.

    Starting June 2016 we will begin to use a CNC plasma cutter to manufacturer all the parts of the chimney cap patterns. This is important because now we have the ability to fabricate a chimney cap base from one pattern the the screening now being cut into one pattern.

    Our lead time for a chimney cap to your destination is about 2-3 weeks. We crate each cap up in a custom crate to ensure no damage is done during the shipping process. However there is nor guarantee the trucking companies do not damage the shipment. Generally the chimney caps make it not damaged. We have learned the best way to crate and its been quite a while since a cap was damaged upon its final destination.

Chimney Cap Installation Procedures

There are two methods of installation of a masonry crowned chimney cap.


Attach wire to the base. Drill a hole in the brick or stone (not mortar) for concrete anchor down at least two rows. Wrap wire around anchor and push it in through the hole. Hammer the anchor until anchor head is flush. Cut off remaining wire left over.


Drill hole in cap skirt to anchor size. Put chimney cap on chimney. Drill the brick or stone where hole in cap has been drilled. Input anchor from outside the chimney cap skirt to the chimney drilled hole. Hammer anchor in securing the chimney cap to the chimney.

Only recommended if chimney is solid as a rock! If not solid the wind will vibrate the anchor out, not securing the chimney cap anymore.

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