You might take the fireplaces in a home for granted and not think about the chimney stack on top of the roof, but there are several benefits from ordering a custom made chimney cap rather than using a prefabricated one.

#2 Lighthouses measurement sheet

#2 Lighthouses measurement sheet

Fortunately, there are knowledgeable technicians who can create a custom made chimney cap to your exact specifications in order to enjoy these benefits:

One: Perfect Fit

To ensure a cap on a chimney fits perfectly, you are must collect precise measurements, and with these measurements, a professional chimney cap maker can build a device that remains in place for many years despite strong winds during storms.

Two: Protection from Fire

A custom made chimney cap provides protection from a fire that can begin inside a chimney after debris drops inside the stack. If a tree branch blows into a stack, then the sparks from a fire burning in the fireplace can cause the debris to burn. A cap on top of a building’s chimney prevents debris from entering the stack.

Three: Preventing Wildlife Invasion

To prevent having bats, birds or insects nesting inside a building’s chimney, you need to order a custom made chimney cap. The vermin that can enter a chimney stack will chew through its materials to invade a building’s attic. Not only will the animals and insects leave debris such as waste and nests inside the chimney stack, but also, the vermin can die, creating a blockage that causes smoke to build up.

Four: Preventing Smoke inside a Building

If any type of debris blocks a building’s chimney, then smoke can remain inside the shaft when you light a fire in the fireplace. Within a few minutes, the carbon monoxide from the smoke can enter a building to cause respiratory problems that lead to death. A custom made chimney stack can save the lives of the people working or living inside a building.

Five: Keep a Fire Burning

When there is a heavy rainstorm, the water can enter a chimney stack and extinguish a burning fire in a fireplace. Instead of remaining warm and cozy during a snow blizzard, you are going to become cold because the fire won’t remain lit. With a custom made chimney cap on a chimney stack, less moisture is able to enter, helping to keep a fire burning in a fireplace.

Six: Add Beauty to a Building

A custom made chimney cap that is designed by Master Caps will add beauty to your building’s rooftop. It is possible to order a custom made chimney cap made of modern stainless steel in a variety of colors or in traditional copper.