A rain cap, also known as a chimney cap, is a functional and decorative top for your chimney. The importance of protecting your family makes it imperative that you also protect the chimney. Not only can a chimney add aesthetic beauty to your home, but it can also keep your family safe from harmful gases and smoke. This is where installing a chimney rain cap to your fireplace comes in handy.

Here’s a few reasons why you should have a rain cap installed if you don’t have one

Keeps Rainwater Out

One very important reason to have a fireplace shroud is to prevent rainwater from getting inside the chimney liner. As one of the worst enemies to enter a home, any water that enters your chimney poses a danger. A fireplace shroud stops this from happening by directing from the center. Instead, after a rain shower, the water runs off the sides of your chimney.

If any of that water were to enter the flue or liner of your chimney gallery, rapid deterioration could begin. The result would cause more problems than you need or would ever consider with a sturdy fireplace shroud properly installed.

Keep Unwanted Critters Out of Your Home

Another reason you want to have a fireplace shroud installed is to keep animals and birds out of your chimney. Not properly covering your chimney is like leaving an open invitation for these wildlife. The chimney is always a great place for animals to build nests. Darkness, safety and warmth attracts wildlife trying to get away from other predators.

If not kept at bay, an animal that gets into your chimney will eventually come inside your home.

Increase Draft within Your Chimney

Another reason you want to have a rain cap installed on your chimney is to increase the draft inside. Believe it or not, draft is easily deterred, yet critical for your chimney to function properly. Without adequate draft, your chimney would be useless.

Being mindful of these reasons for installing a fireplace shroud can help to increase the overall life of your beautiful chimney. Compare the expense of having one to repair costs of replacing a chimney liner or hiring a pest removal service. This is a reasonable investment for maintaining one of the best features in your home.

One problem of a non-weatherproof chimney cap is that rain can also lead to the deterioration of the mortar and is the reason for wet ash in the fireplace. Prevention is key to protecting a chimney from expensive damage repairs. If a cap is missing from a chimney, then there is no way to keep out rain and snow.

Weatherproof fireplace rain chimney caps that simply fit on the pipe are superior to anything else. A smokestack vent top just covers the pipe opening at the top to prevent winged creatures and squirrels from entering the stack can be exceptionally unfavorable.

Build Your own Custom Rain Cap

As you mull over getting a custom weatherproof rain cap, here are a couple of more advantages to consider:

  • Excellence with no upkeep required. You can save the common gloss of copper by cleaning it routinely, or you can let oxidation happen after some time to create a cleaned look actually.
  • Durable and solid. For some, a weatherproof chimney cap is the most obvious motivation to have one installed. Copper can withstand the most amazing climate conditions, which is something to consider in the event that you live in a zone that perseveres through every one of the four seasons. Whether your winters are astringent chilly or summer days are loaded with extreme warmth, your custom copper weatherproof chimney cap will stay solid for a long time.
  • Impervious to hot temperatures from the chimney stack pipe. High temperatures from making the most of your chimney won’t harm a weatherproof chimney cap.
  • Makes a normal smokestack structure look rich. The style of tops made with different materials does not measure up to the look of a stack topped with copper.

If you believe that a custom rain cap is a great investment, Master Caps is the perfect option. Our skilled professionals will help you create a cap that for your home. Start building your custom weatherproof chimney cap with our simple 6 step chimney builder tool.