Is your chimney needing a little love this winter? Don”t neglect your fireplace before lighting the first fire this winter. Experts advise cleaning your fireplace at least once per year. Here”s a few things to know why you need a fireplace chimney cap:

Fireplace Chimney Caps Keep Wildlife Out

What you probably didn”t know is that fireplace chimney caps keep wildlife from making their home in your chimney. Without a chimney cap or a damaged chimney cap, it allows wildlife like birds, raccoons, opossums, rats, squirrels and other animals that can climb to enter your chimney. It”s advised that an inspection of your chimney cap be handled during your fireplace cleaning inspection.

Here are the most common conditions that make it easier for animals to get into your chimney:

  • No existing chimney cap in place.
  • The chimney cap has damage, including rusting or a missing animal guard.
  • The chimney is damaged or there is a breakdown of your chase, including rotting of the chase which has allowed the animal to easily gain access.

Master Chimney Caps Reenforce Your Chimney

Not only are Master Caps sturdy and durable, but for many, a strong chimney cap is the number one reason to have one installed. Master Caps can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, which is something to consider if you live in an area that endures all four seasons. Whether your winters are bitter cold or summer days are filled with severe heat, your Master chimney cap will remain strong for many years. Master online casino Caps are also resistant to hot temperatures from the chimney flue.

Here”s a few things a Master Cap will help reenforce:

  • Preventing birds from entering a chimney to build nests
  • Preventing beehives or wasp’s nests inside a chimney
  • Preventing rodents or reptiles from entering a structure
  • Preventing snow, ice and rain from entering a chimney

A Master Cap Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Another great reason to have a custom fireplace chimney cap built from Master Caps is it”s proven that it can increase the value of your home. Makes an ordinary chimney structure look elegant. The aesthetics of caps made with other materials does not compare to the look of a chimney capped with copper. Master Caps can built you a custom chimney cap in many different styles and materials. Here”s just a few:

  • custom chimney cap
  • Bird Guard custom Chimney cap
  • custom chimney caps
  • fireplace chimney cap

Let Master Caps Work For You!

No matter whether a structure is a newer or older building, it can benefit from a custom chimney cap instead of a prefabricated model. The dimensions of a newer building’s chimney are unique because a structure settles with time. There are many designs of chimneys, to get started on building a custom chimney cap, get started today!