One essential for a residential home is a chimney cap. What most people don’t understand is that the chimney cap provides many benefits for a home. However, there are also problems that can can exist when one is installed incorrectly for a home. A standard decorative chimney shroud will cove the top of a chimney and will include a mesh used to protect the inside of the chimney. Keep reading for a few of the benefits and potential problems of chimney caps on a conventional chimney for a residential home that are not installed correctly.

Decorative Chimney Shrouds Prevent Wildlife

The biggest benefit that is provided by a decorative chimney shroud is to keep animals from getting into a chimney. Raccoons are an animal that can commonly be found in chimneys that do not have a cap installed. Most decorative chimney caps that are installed on a residential home have a screen or mesh added during installation.

Decorative Chimney Shrouds Protect from Weather

A Decorative Chimney cap added to a residential chimney also help to keep out rain. What most homeowners don’t realize is that rain that gets into chimneys is able to deteriorate the inside lining and even drip into the fireplace. Rain can also lead to the deterioration of the mortar and is the reason for wet ash in the fireplace. Prevention is key to protecting a chimney from expensive damage repairs. If a cap is missing from a chimney, then there is no way to keep out rain and snow. Cold air is another consideration of a homeowner as wind can cause smoke to blow into the home. A decorative chimney shroud from Master Caps will prevent strong wind from blowing down into the chimney. Homeowners are in for major problems if their chimney does not have a cap. A professional who installs a chimney cap can easily remedy this problem.

Older chimney caps that become clogged with debris, such as leaves and sticks, are a potential problem. If a chimney cap is clogged, then gases may not vent properly. This can be a health hazard for the residents in a home. A chimney cap installer should examine the cap and check it for problems. The installer may need to clean the cap or recommend installing a new cap on the chimney. If this is the case, you can build a decorative chimney shroud here with just a few clicks.

Prevent Creosote Build up with a Decorative Chimney Shroud

What most home owners don’t know is that creosote and even sparks from a fire can easily exit a chimney that does not have a cap. A decorative chimney shroud acts as a type of spark preventer by keeping anything flammable from exiting the chimney. The Dangers of sparks and pieces of burning creosote can easily land on a roof and start a fire don’t exist when you have a Master Cap. Decorative chimney shrouds act as a safety device when homeowners want to have a fire in their fireplace.

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