The holiday season is a great time for you to order a new fireplace chimney cap to make it safer to enjoy a fire without worrying about the dangers of carbon monoxide, smoke or sparks. Because a chimney is difficult to see on a rooftop, it is easy for you to forget about making repairs or improvements to the item.

However, a glowing fire in a fireplace is often an essential item during a snowstorm, especially when there is a power outage. If there is no electricity, then you and your family can use a fireplace to heat a home and prepare meals. However, when there is a buildup of smoke inside a home after lighting a fire, dousing it immediately is necessary until the chimney shaft and top is inspected.

Defective Chimney Caps lead to Wildlife Invasion and Moisture Damage

With a professional inspection of a fireplace chimney cap, it is possible that you will learn that it is no longer functional because it has rusted and has cracks that lead to leaks. The best fireplace chimney cap is made with precise measurements to ensure it fits properly to seal out moisture from torrential rainstorms and massive snowstorms. A poorly fitted fireplace chimney cap will not keep out vermin such as rodents, birds or squirrels. While both of those situations are dangerous, without a correct fit, sparks may remain in the chimney shaft and start a fire inside walls or attics.

Order a Chimney Cap made with Precise Measurements

Because the mortar, bricks or stone of a chimney can settle, each one is a slightly different size, leading to needing a fireplace chimney cap that is made to your exact specifications. No matter whether a building has a traditional fireplace for burning wood logs or a fireplace that is fueled by gas or propane, you need to make sure that the chimney shaft is protected from rough weather conditions and wildlife. To give your family the best protection from dangerous gases, flames or smoke, select a company that specializes in building a one of a kind fireplace chimney cap gallery.

Contact Master Caps to Build a New Chimney Cap with Six Easy Steps

Master Caps is affiliated with Master Services Inc., a company that offers chimney inspections and cleaning. Customers can receive free online quotes for chimney caps that are decorative, customized and useful. Every building should have a custom-made cap on its chimney to prevent wildlife invasion and potential damage from sparks and smoke. There are several metal types available to create a unique fireplace chimney cap. Customers can choose from high-quality colored steel, copper and stainless steel for a fireplace chimney cap that is handcrafted by certified technicians.