An essential accessory for any home’s chimney is a top mount chimney cap because it helps to protect the interior surfaces of the structure from the moisture of rain and snow. When driving through a residential neighborhood, take time to look at a home’s rooftop to notice its chimney.

Make the Rooftop of a Home Look Unique with a Customized Chimney Cap

The chimneys that will standout are the ones with a gorgeous top mount chimney cap. However, these devices are not just about making a home look beautiful because the caps are designed to prevent rain, snow and ice from entering the chimney’s opening. Moisture entering a chimney can rust the shaft’s metal liner or degrade stone, brick and mortar, leading to serious damage to the structure.

top mount chimney cap

Prevent Wildlife Invasion

No matter whether a home has one or more chimney flues, it is possible to install a top mount chimney cap. Even if the home is located in a dry geographic zone without a lot of snow or rain, it still needs a chimney cap to prevent wildlife invasion. The technicians who make caps for chimneys know how to design the items so that smoke and gases escape but birds, mammals and reptiles cannot enter. There are good reasons to prevent wildlife invasions into a building’s chimney, including preventing flash fires from bird’s nests or blocking the shaft with an animal carcass.

Made of High-Quality Materials

The best type of top mount chimney cap is custom-made in order to have a perfect fit that makes the device more efficient. There is a good chance that the chimney on a home is not a uniform size, and that means that precise measurements are required to ensure a cap fits correctly. An incorrect fit can lead to a chimney cap dislodging in high winds or not permitting poisonous gases or smoke to escape. A cheaply made top mount chimney cap will not last a lifetime, and to save money and time, it is better to order the highest quality one for a home.

Ordering Customized Chimney Caps is Easy

Master Caps is a division of Masters Services Inc., and both of these companies employ chimney technician experts. Customers can order a top mount chimney cap made of:

• Colored steel
• Copper
• Stainless steel

Every top mount chimney cap shipped by Master Caps is designed by certified craftsmen and made of quality materials that are meant to last. These chimney caps are handcrafted to fit correctly on single or multiple chimney flues. Master Caps makes it easy to shop for a customized top mount chimney cap by having a simple six step online ordering form or customers can call 972-877-4650 to talk to a representative or receive a price quote.