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How to Order a Customized Copper Chimney Cap

Custom Copper Hip Roofed Chimney Cap

If you want to have a home that looks as great on the outside as it does on the inside, then install a copper chimney cap. As a homeowner, you might not spend a lot of time looking at your home’s rooftop, but anyone passing by can see its chimney stack. Caps on chimneys provide a vital function in addition to looking attractive, and only an expert should install the device. When a cap is fitted incorrectly on a chimney stack, it is dangerous for a building’s occupants because lethal gases can fill attic or wall spaces to enter rooms to make people ill. Few technicians understand how to make a copper chimney cap because it is a specialized process that involves making something that is beautiful and functional.

Copper Chimney Caps

Custom copper made decorative chimney caps and shrouds. Best prices and fast turn around time shipped directly to your shop or residence.

Master Caps fabricates chimney caps for chimney sweeps, roofers, homeowners, and contractors in all 50 states and Canada.

Here is a Copper Chimney Cap #2 with arched windows. The arched windows is not an option as a choice on Master caps but is available upon request for an additional $200 depending on the size.

Custom Copper Chimney Cap

Below is the above cap as pictured installed…

Copper Chimney shrouds


Our Hayes Chimney Cap is a custom copper chimney cap that gives your roof line an elegant appearance.

Copper Chimney Shroud Hayes

Here is an odd Bell Hayes Copper Chimney Cap. THe customer asked it to Bell (lid is made bigger than the base) more than standard 3″s. So the cap is flared more than recomended. Here at Master Caps it can be done, and be done within code, we will fabricate to your specifications. If it doen’t fall into code or is too odd of a request we can modify to get close the same look.

Custom Copper Chimney Cap Installed

If you notices there are two chimney pipes sticking up into the lid. We did a chimney chase cover as the base instead of the crown base. Often we will install the Hayes or #2 with the crown base on top of the chimney chase cover. This makes a much easier installation to just be able to install over a chimney chase pan.

We have our new not on the website #1 Plus Copper Chimney Cap. Here it is…

Copper Chimney Cap #1 Plus

The #1PLus Copper Chimney Cap is a #1 with standing seam lid and additional outside mounted legs. Recommended on high wind chimney tops but is another available look from Master Caps for any masonry chimney cap. The cap is not available for prefabricated fireplaces with chimney metal flues (pipe).

Question: What is the difference between a chimney cap and a chimney shroud?

Answer: Chimney caps are made for masonry chimneys with a masonry type flue. Chimney caps help protect the mortar crown and have screening for spark arresting. Chimney caps keep out rain, birds, and critters from invading the flue. Chimney shrouds are made for prefabricated fireplaces with prefabricated flue pipe that is UL Listed with that firebox. Chimney Shrouds are not generally made to keep out birds. Chimney Shrouds function to keep rain and sun off the spark arrestors (round chimney cap the terminates the flue pipe). Chimney shrouds upgrade the look of the chimney and roofline, at least Master Caps chimney shrouds do.

For more copper chimney caps and chimney shroud options or to order go to our order form page.