You might take a home’s chimney for granted because it is located on a rooftop where it is difficult to see, but the structure is actually important. Custom Chimney Caps can offer individualized beauty in addition to providing a vital function. A cowl on a chimney stack is the most visible part of the structure to provide benefits such as:

The Benefits of Custom Chimney Caps

  • Preventing birds from entering a chimney to build nests
  • Preventing beehives or wasp’s nests inside a chimney
  • Preventing rodents or reptiles from entering a structure
  • Preventing snow, ice and rain from entering a chimney
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There are many designs of chimneys with manufacturers visiting a home or business to take measurements to build a custom chimney cap that is the perfect size.

A Chimney Cowl Prevents Dangers from Smoke

No matter whether a structure is a newer or older building, it can benefit from a custom chimney cap instead of a prefabricated model. The dimensions of a newer building’s chimney are unique because a structure settles with time. Failure to install a properly sized cowl on a chimney can lead to problems such as excessive smoke in the firebox or chimney shaft. You do not want smoke from a fireplace to enter the rooms of a building because it can contain dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide.

Cowls Can also Make a Building More Attractive

The technicians who measure to make custom chimney caps understand the importance of a design that helps to pull smoke upward to the exterior of a building. At the same time, the cowl must permit air to enter to help ignite a fire in a fireplace and keep it burning. There are important things to consider when a company is designing a chimney cowl, including the most common weather conditions in the area and the foliage surrounding the building. In addition to ordering a custom chimney cap that prevents sparks and dangerous smoke, you also want an attractive design.

Hire a Knowledgeable Technician to Make a Chimney Cowl

Most cowls are made of galvanized steel because it is a durable material that is readily available and easy to paint. However, cowls are also made of aluminum, copper and stainless steel. It is possible for technicians to create a custom chimney cap that covers multiple shafts at one time. There are several chimney cowl designs to choose from, including:

  • H-style
  • Wind directional
  • Turbine

Master Caps Custom Chimney Caps Builder is a division of Masters Services Inc., with locations in Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma. As a family owned and operated business, Master Caps offers friendly service from background screened technicians who are highly trained in the design and installation of cowls for chimneys.