You can get a chimney cap made of various materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. However, if you want what experts define as top-of-the-line, you want a custom copper chimney cap to rest above your home. Indisputably, copper brings polished beauty whether you clean it regularly or allow it to go through natural oxidation.

Examples of Copper Chimney Caps

If you prefer not to wait several years to get the polished look of time, you may want an aged copper cap. An aged copper chimney cap usually comes chemically treated, which accelerates the natural patina process. You might have noticed one on top of a historical building where adding a brand new cap takes away from the building’s architecture. Although you may choose aged copper, you do not lose the longevity that comes with a customized cap.

Another option you might consider is the brown patina copper. This custom copper chimney cap is also chemically treated to give a beautiful glaze finish. The dominating color is a deep brown that adds character to your chimney. This process gives the cap a rare look that does not always appear on copper that is allowed to age naturally.

Advantages of Installing a Custom Copper Chimney Cap

Whether you select aged, brown patina or a standard cap, copper chimney caps provide an unmatched architectural beauty. Even so, this must-have accessory to your home goes beyond basic functions of beauty and durability. As you contemplate getting a custom copper chimney cap, here online casino are a few more benefits to consider.

  • Beauty with no maintenance required. You can preserve the natural luster of copper by polishing it regularly, or you can let oxidation occur over time to produce a polished look naturally.
  • Sturdy and durable. For many, a strong copper cap is the number one reason to have one installed. Copper can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, which is something to consider if you live in an area that endures all four seasons. Whether your winters are bitter cold or summer days are filled with severe heat, your custom copper chimney cap will remain strong for many years.
  • Resistant to hot temperatures from the chimney flue. High temperatures from enjoying your fireplace will not damage a copper chimney cap.
  • Makes an ordinary chimney structure look elegant. The aesthetics of caps made with other materials does not compare to the look of a chimney capped with copper.

Create Your Own Custom Copper Chimney Cap

With its durability and attractiveness, copper is increasingly becoming a popular material for making chimney caps. If you believe that a custom copper chimney cap is a great investment, Master Caps is the perfect option. Our skilled professionals will help you create a cap that for your home.