Before homeowners make any new addition to their home, one of the prevalent questions they ask is, “Will it improve my home value?”. By the way, that’s a very important question because no one wants to make an investment that would not yield sufficient returns. 

In a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 77% of home buyers were looking for homes with a fireplace. This shows the intrinsic value of having a chimney. If you’re going to have a chimney, then why would the one thing that will help preserve its worth be absent? Chimney caps are crucial because they help to prevent moisture, buildup, animals, and drafts from entering the chimney. This helps to protect the integrity of your chimney. Learn more about how to correct an improper draft at

Custom chimney caps are further designed to meet a home’s specific needs, which makes them even more valuable. Here are the top ways a custom chimney cap can increase your home value. 

  • Increase Appraisal Value

As a rule of thumb, additions made to a building increases its appraisal value. The National Association of Realtors estimates that having a fireplace in a property can increase its appraisal value by up to 12%. Then it’s only reasonable that you install a custom chimney cap to protect your fireplace and chimney.

  • Protect Your Chimney

Moisture getting into the chimney accelerates the deterioration of the chimney and it also promotes the growth of mold and mildews. Wind drafts reduce the efficiency of the fireplace and pull smoke back inwards. Animals residing in the chimney can pollute the chimney areas, which leads to degradation. Without a chimney cap, you can be assured that all of these damages will negatively impact your home value. That’s why it’s prudent to have a chimney cap if you have a chimney. Even better, you can get a custom chimney cap from Master Caps. 

  • Attract Prospective Buyers

If you plan on listing your property, a custom chimney cap in your chimney will help to attract more prospective buyers. As we’ve seen from the earlier studies highlighted, home buyers want a fireplace where they can spend time with their family. A custom chimney cap is designed to optimize the efficiency of your chimney and it will be a strong sell. Moreover, having many potential buyers means you can easily get a better offer. 

  • Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

A custom-built chimney cap is designed to perfectly complement the house in terms of its size, material, color, and more. That’s why the chimney cap is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. When potential buyers see it, they envision living a warm and comfortable life in that home, making the sell easier. With Master Caps, you get to design a custom chimney cap that speaks best to your preference. 


Installing a custom chimney cap is a great investment because it not only protects the integrity of your fireplace but it also improves its aesthetic appeal and value. Kindly contact Master Caps if you want a custom chimney cap that is built to last and sure to increase your home value.