If you have decided to purchase a chimney cap for your home, you may have some questions. While determining the design and color of the cap may be important to you, installation of the chimney cap is very important as well. Should you attempt installing it on your own? Or should you have a professional install your chimney cap? It is a very important question, with an even more important outcome. Continue reading to learn more about why you should have a proper chimney cap installation.

chimney cap


Since foul weather is generally one of the most important reasons for having a chimney cap, it is important to consider how the installation will affect the cap’s effectiveness. While many homeowners may be able to figure out exactly how the chimney cap needs to fit in exactly every spot, many may have a tough time. When you hire a company to perform a professional chimney cap installation, you can be completely confident that the chimney cap will be working exactly like it is supposed to. When a chimney cap is completely sealed and fits perfectly, there will be no amount of wind, water, or snow that gets down into your chimney and causes problems with the masonry. Often, do-it-yourselfers may do a good job, but even a good job still allows for moisture and wind to make their way into your home.

Different Chimney Styles

Since every chimney is different, this is a very important aspect of the chimney cap installation. Some chimneys are designed differently than others, as some have added features or extra components that may hinder the installation of a chimney cap. When this happens, it can be very frustrating for the average homeowner who has not had very much experience with chimneys or chimney caps. This is precisely why having a company perform a professional chimney cap installation can be a great investment. Not only will experts know exactly how to install the chimney cap for maximum benefit, but they also will be able to do any troubleshooting that may come up. Chimney cap installation technicians know exactly what features are essential to your chimney for safety and effectiveness, and they also know how any installation problems can be circumvented without jeopardizing your or your family’s safety.


One of the most common reasons that homeowners choose to have a professional chimney cap installation performed is for the safety of their families. While chimney caps might not seem that life-or-death, the installation process could potentially cause problems if it is not performed properly. This could eventually lead to a fire or a similar problem. In addition, the installation alone can be dangerous, depending on the pitch and condition of the roof. Virtually every chimney cap installation crew takes safety precautions with you, your family, and their own safety in mind.

Why Hire Master Caps to Install Your Chimney Cap?

Here at Master Caps, we believe in helping our clients out from start to finish. If you are residing in Texas or Oklahoma, Master Caps professional installation services are offered to you. To begin the process, a Master Caps technician will visit your home or place of business, make measurements, and come up with a plan. Once the client has agreed to this plan and has made their choices, the chimney cap will be manufactured by our skilled team of technicians. Once your cap has been produced, it will be installed by our team of technicians. This professional installation by Master Caps technicians ensures that every aspect of the chimney cap will work perfectly, keeping animals, weather, and winds out of your chimney.