Chimney Caps Decorative

Advantages of the Hayes Bell Chimney Cap

The Hayes Bell Chimney Cap is one of our most decorative chimney caps. The Hayes Bell has a unique look to an elegant design for upgrading you roof line.

Hayes Bells features and advantages include:

  • Large decorative lid extending out more than the chimney
  • Best coverage chimney cap for preventing moisture damage
  • Allows complete bird and animal protection
  • Fits almost ANY chimney
  • Craftsmanship Lifetime Warranty

How We Make Chimney Caps

CNC Plasma Cutter
Up to June 2016, for 20 years we have made each part by hand cutting the patterns and for the long cuts we used a big electric shear.

Starting June 2016 we will begin to use a CNC plasma cutter to manufacturer all the parts of the chimney cap patterns. This is important because now we have the ability to fabricate a chimney cap base from one pattern the the screening now being cut into one pattern.

Coming Summer of 2016 – Upgraded decorative panel pattern overlay on the lid
Decorative Chimney Caps

Chimney Types for Hayes Bell Chimney Caps

What makes a Hayes Bell Chimney Cap unique is that it can be installed on any chimney stack no matter which kind of fireplace it contains.

  • Wood burning masonry chimney – YES
  • Prefabricated wood burning chimney – YES
  • Direct vent fireplace chimney stack – YES
  • Natural vent fireplace – YES

Interesting Chimney Cap Facts

The Hayes Bell was introduced to Masters Services from a client that requested us fabricate this unique chimney lid. Our first install is was for 4 of them on a house in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The middle image on the header picture is the first Hayes Bell we fabricated. It doesn’t look big in this picture but it was the size of a pick up truck. It took 6 guys to get it installed.
Once Masters Services put the Hayes Bell on its website the demand exploded. We have sold chimney caps to almost every state and every all over Canada.

Our lead time for a chimney cap to your destination is about 2-3 weeks. We crate each cap up in a custom crate to ensure no damage is done during the shipping process. However there is nor guarantee the trucking companies do not damage the shipment. Generally the chimney caps make it not damaged. We have learned the best way to crate and its been quite a while since a cap was damaged upon its final destination.