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Your chimney has more components to it than a simple flue exiting to the exterior. In fact, there are dozens of parts to even the smallest chimneys. If you look at your neighbor’s chimney from the street, you might notice a cap attached to its top section. Chimney caps act as both functional and aesthetic products for your home. When you want to buy chimney cap online, you should thoroughly understand this product.

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We fabricate for homeowners, chimney sweeps, roofers, engineers, and architects.

What you probably didn’t know is that fireplace chimney caps keep wildlife from making their home in your chimney. Without a chimney cap or a damaged chimney cap, it allows wildlife like birds, raccoons, opossums, rats, squirrels and other animals that can climb to enter your chimney. It’s advised that an inspection of your chimney cap be handled during your fireplace cleaning inspection.

Chimney Caps Prevent Wildlife Removal Calls

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Install a chimney cap before you need a wildlife removal. Having a chimney cap on a chimney completely prevents critters and birds from entering the chimney or then the house.