We ship chimney caps. Custom chimney caps fabricated to keep out rain. Decorative chimney cap styles made from copper, stainless steel, or colored steel to match your gutters or roof shingles.

Master Caps is a division of Masters Services, Inc., we are dedicated to providing the highest quality chimney caps and service in our field. All chimney caps are hand crafted, Masters Certifed, and built of the highest quality marterials. Please feel free to contact us with any question about our products, view our gallery of chimney caps or fill out an order form to start your purchase today.

Have an idea or a totally new design, we can build any size or shape you can dream up.

Our chase covers have our new “no leak” hole technology.

Chase Covers NO Leak

Water cannot pour into our chase covers! MasterCaps has created a 90 degree circle lip on the actual chase cover never to allow water to enter around the flue pipe.

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Why buy a Master Cap?

1. Water penetration allows moisture to soak into the bricks, mortar joints, and the flue. Master Caps cover the first row of brick and the entire mortar crown protecting from water and sun damage.

They prevent brick spalling (face detachment), mortar cracking, and flue seperation. A chimney can be almost completely damage resistant with complete coverage from a Master Cap. Moisture creates expansion and contraction of the chimney resulting in major repairs and fire hazards.

2. Reduces and can completely eliminate repair costs from water and sun damage. Protect your chimney now before the inevitable nightmares begin.

Lets face it, don’t become a water cooler story for all of us chimney professionals.

3. Keeps any birds, raccoons, squirrels, and any other chimney invading critters out of the chimney. Birds and squirrels nesting in the chimney leave behind debris that can be a fire hazard. Not all young live, survival of the fittest, so unpleasant odors and diseases will occur from the dead carcasses, not to mention an adult animal dying inside the chimney! Think of a 40 pound raccoon dead in your house for a week? The inital cost of a good Master Cap saves you all the clean up and $$$ of a wildlife removal service!

4. Upgrades house appraisal. Home improvement value goes up. Think about this: If you were at a car lot and the salesman told you for $500-$800 we could upgrade your appearance of your car, you wouldn’t even think about it. You would do it. Now apply that same logic to your house.

5. Appearance! Just simply makes your house look better.